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If you want to contact us for an order, please call us during our business hours on below branch numbers and we will advice you about everything regarding your order. 

You can place your orders by phone 2-3 days before actual date but you must have to confirm your order by paying a little amount at one of our shops as a deposit, may be 25% of your actual bill. 

We also provide a facility to prepare halwa puri at your place in your special ceremonies. It is an opportunity for our customers who want hot, live and fresh halwa puri at their place. 

(Terms and Conditions Apply).

Proprietor: Nasrullah khan & Brothers.


Chowk Nasir Khan, near Bazaar Kasaban, Peshawar, KP, Pakistan
Email: [email protected]
TEL: (091) 2566475


Hash Nagri Road,near Hash Nagri Police Station, Peshawar, KP, Pakistan
Email: [email protected]
TEL: (091) 2218895